For over 100 years, Avon Customers have enjoyed the quality products and affordable prices that have made the company famous and I want you to see what all the excitement is about! Avon is more than a beauty company. We offer everything from lipstick to moisturizers, fashions and jewellery to vitamins and exercise equipment. We're committed to women of all ages, from all backgrounds and we are a strong supporter of women's causes. Through our Avon Flame Crusade Against Breast Cancer we've raised more than $7 million since 1993, and we're still carrying that torch.

Whether you are interested in receiving Avon service, or in becoming an Avon Sales Dealer yourself, feel free to browse this site to see what we're all about. Take a virtual tour, try our makeup online, read about our promotions and let me know when I can bring you an Avon Brochure. If you have any questions or comments, simply e-mail me by clicking on the "contact me" tab.

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